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Spotify is a digital music, podcast, and video service. It is available in dozens of countries around the world. For up-to-date information on availability, see the Spotify support article Where is Spotify available?

While Spotify does have a free tier, you will need to have a Spotify Premium subscription account to use it with the miniDSP SHD Studio.

There are two methods of using Spotify with the SHD Studio: the Volumio web interface, and Spotify Connect. You can use either or both.

Install the Spotify plugin

Before you can use Spotify, you will need to enable the provided plugin.

Go to the Settings page in the Volumio web interface, then to the Plugins section. Locate the Spotify plugin and click Install.


If you see another plugin called "Volumio Spotify Connect2," do not install it. You only need to install the one shown above.

After installation completes, click Enable Plugin.

Spotify Connect

Spotify Connect enables you to use your phone, tablet or PC to play music from Spotify through your SHD Studio.


Make sure that you have enabled the Spotify plugin in the Volumio web interface, as described above.

If you have not already, install the Spotify app onto your phone, tablet or computer. To find the download, visit this page:

In the desktop app on your PC or Mac, click on the Connect icon towards the lower right. The list of available devices will appear. Select the SHD Series processor from the list.

In the mobile app, you need to play music before you select the SHD Series processor. Go to the playback control screen and click on the Spotify connect icon at the lower left, then select the SHD Series processor from the list:

After a brief delay, you should hear your Spotify music playing through your SHD Studio!

Spotify through Volumio interface

Go to the Settings page in the Volumio web interface. Click on the Plugins heading and then the Installed Plugins tab. Click on Settings.

Enter your Spotify username and password and click Spotify login.

Then wait until the page refreshes itself. The sidebar menu will update to display "Spotify." If you navigate to the Home screen, you will see the Spotify logo:

Clicking on either will enable you to browse Spotify and select music to play: