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Troubleshooting and support

No sound during playback

If you get no sound while playing music, double-check the following items in order. Turn off your amplification until you get to the step that says to turn it on. .

Check the input meters

Play a music signal, or pink noise from the REW signal generator. If there is no signal on the input meters, follow these steps:

  1. If the source has a volume control, check that it is not turned down.
  2. Check the cabling between the source and the 2x4 HD.
  3. Check that you have the correct input source selected on the 2x4 HD.

Check the output meters

If there is signal on the input meters but no signal on the output meters, follow these steps:

  1. Turn up the main volume control. (This is needed because the output meters show the level after volume adjustment.)
  2. Check that the 2x4 HD is not muted.
  3. Check your Routing and make sure that you are routing the inputs through to the connected outputs.
  4. Check your crossover settings. (For example, if you have a high pass crossover filter but are generating a subwoofer-frequency test signal, there will be no output signal.)

Check output connections

Turn the main volume down, turn your amplification back on, and then gradually turn up the volume. If there is still no sound:

  1. Check that output cabling is connected to the correct connectors on the rear panel and to the correct inputs on downstream equipment (e.g. amplifiers). Be sure to check the actual numbering on the rear panel.
  2. Check that downstream equipment (e.g. amplifiers) is not muted, turned down, or turned off.

Some outputs produce sound and some do not

If some outputs produce sound and some don't, check your routing and all of your crossover settings. For example, in a multi-subwoofer configuration, some outputs will not produce sound if there are high pass filters active.

Strange soundstage

If the soundstage width is narrow, check that you have not summed left and right input channels and routed the sum to left and right speakers. This will result in a mono signal and hence a narrow soundstage.

If the soundstage is "weird", check the routing and crossover settings and make sure that left and right channels are consistent.

If you are implementing an active speaker, double-check that every output goes to the correct driver. This can be done by playing a test signal (music or pink noise) at low volume, muting all outputs, then unmuting each output one at a time.

A poor or marginal USB connection can cause various issues, such as:

  • Inability to detect a connected device
  • Failure to complete a firmware upgrade

If you experience this type of issue:

  1. Try a different USB cable. (Note that a marginal cable can work normally but fail to complete a firmware upgrade, for example.)
  2. Try a different USB port on your computer.
  3. If you have any hubs or extensions between the 2x4 HD and your computer, try removing them.