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Exporting filters

The Filter Export tab initially shows four empty "slots" for filter sets (a filter set is one filter for each channel).

Export a filter

To export a filter into a slot, click on the slot. At the right, enter the name and description and click Export filter:

A circular progress indicator will indicate that the filter is being downloaded to the miniDSP Flex (DL). When filter export is complete, the UI will return to the Measure tab so you can adjust the target curve to create a different set of filters. Return to the Filter Export tab to view the list of loaded filters:

Replace a filter

To overwrite a filter slot, select a slot with a loaded filter and click on Replace existing filter.


If you have set up any back-end processing (subwoofer, active speaker, etc.), be sure to load the filter into the same slot as the preset selected when running the Dirac Live calibration measurements.

Delete a filter

Hover the mouse over a filter in the sidebar list. A red circled "x" will appear. Click on it to delete that filter.

Switch between filters

To audition different filters while still running the Dirac Live application, use the filter selection checkboxes in the sidebar to choose the filter set to listen to:


Selecting a filter here will also select the matching preset in the back-end processing set up by miniDSP Device Console.

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