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Qobuz is a streaming service for lossless CD-quality and high-resolution audio up to 192 kHz. It is currently available in 24 countries. For up-to-date information on availability, see the Qobuz article Where is Qobuz available?

Note that Qobuz is a paid service, and you will need to have a subscription account with Qobuz to use it with the miniDSP SHD Power.

To enable Qobuz, go to the My Music heading and scroll down to Qobuz. Click on Connect. You will be directed to the Qobuz website where you can log in:

After logging in, you will be directed back to the Volumio web interface of your SHD Power. If you navigate to the Home screen, you will see the Qobuz logo:

Click on it to browse Qobuz and select music to play: