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Input Channels


Some changes were made to channel labels and bass management in Device Console version 1.1.16. To avoid confusion, we recommend that you reset and rebuild all presets when updating to version 1.1.16.


Input channels selection tab in miniDSP Flex HT

The Input Channels tab displays the current level for all input channels:

Input channels block in miniDSP Flex HT

Note that this tab is a status display only. There are no controls for input gain or for parametric EQ adjustment.

Input channel strip

The different elements on each control strip are shown here:

Input channel strip for miniDSP Flex HT

Channel label

Each input channel has a customizable label displayed at the top of the channel strip. This label also appears on the matrix mixer. To change the label, click on it and type a new label (up to 12 characters).

Current RMS level, Level meter

Displays the current signal level in real time, after volume control has been applied. (For example, if the actual input signal level is -10 dB and the volume setting is -20 dB, the meter will show -30 dB.)


The Flex HT must be connected and online to display signal levels.