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Signal flow

The diagram below is a simplified representation of the signal flow through the miniDSP Flex HT:

Signal flow of the miniDSP Flex HT

Signal flow of the miniDSP Flex HT

The audio signal in the diagram flows from left to right:

  1. One of the four stereo or multichannel input sources is selected by the user. Volume control is applied before any further processing.

  2. All channels from the selected input (two if a stereo source, eight if a multichannel source) are passed through the bass management block. An extra channel is created for the sum of the LFE channel and the low frequencies from the speaker channels.

  3. Nine channels are passed to a 9x8 matrix mixer. This is used to route the summed low-frequency signal to the desired channel, but it is also useful for up-mixing and down-mixing.

  4. The resulting eight channels are passed through multichannel Dirac Live processing, if it is activated. (Note that Dirac Live is an optional upgrade.)

  5. The eight channels from Dirac Live are fed into an 8x8 matrix mixer that routes and mixes them to the output channels.

  6. Each output channel runs a comprehensive set of DSP functions: parametric EQ, crossovers, level metering, delay, output gain and compressor.

Each of the stages shown in the signal flow diagram is configured by clicking on the tabs along the top of the window. The currently selected tab is highlighted in color:

Input channels selection tab in miniDSP Flex HT

The flexibility provided by the matrix mixers and the crossover blocks gives the Flex HT the ability to be used in system configurations ranging from conventional 7.1 home theater applications to multichannel active speakers and multiple-subwoofer optimization.


When using Dirac Live, first set up the matrix mixer and the output channel crossovers using the miniDSP Device Console. Then in the Dirac Live app, generate the correction filters and export them into the same-numbered slot. For example, if you set up preset 2 in DC, export the filter in Dirac Live to slot 2.