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miniDSP Flex Eight

 miniDSP Flex Eight with remote control

Product Overview

The miniDSP Flex Eight is a stereo-input, eight-channel output compact high-resolution audio processor. It features two digital inputs, USB audio, Bluetooth streaming with LDAC™ and aptX™ HD codecs and automatic Bluetooth input selection, and an OLED front panel with physical volume control.

Dirac Live upgrade

The miniDSP Flex Eight can be upgraded to run stereo (two-channel) Dirac Live® room correction. This requires an additional purchase for the Dirac Live license. You can either purchase the miniDSP Flex Eight with Dirac Live already activated, or purchase the Dirac Live upgrade at a later time from our webshop:

Note that the upgrade applies per device.

If you do not already have a miniDSP UMIK-1 or UMIK-2 microphone, you can add one to your order when purchasing the Dirac Live upgrade.

Typical application

The miniDSP Flex Eight is ideal for compact active loudspeaker solutions. Any outputs that are not used for the speaker can be used for independent subwoofers.

Figure 1 shows the miniDSP Flex Eight used as an active crossover with two subwoofers integrated. With multiple digital inputs including Bluetooth audio streaming, this is very cost-effective way to build a modern active speaker system. Add the optional Dirac Live software upgrade for world-class room correction.

miniDSP Flex Eight active speaker system with dual subwoofer integration

Figure 1. miniDSP Flex Eight active speaker system with dual subwoofer integration

Of course, a full four-way active speaker could be built instead, or a two-way speaker with up to four independent subwoofers.

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