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Troubleshooting and support

Trouble-shooting audio issues

No sound during playback

If you get no sound while playing music, double-check the following items. Depending on the specific processor, you may be able to do this with the aid of the level meters in the miniDSP Device Console.

  1. Check which input source you have selected.

  2. Check the connection and cabling between the source(s) and the processor.

  3. Check the master volume setting.

  4. Check that the processor is not muted.

  5. Check your Routing and make sure that you are routing inputs through to outputs.

  6. If your processor has crossovers, check your crossover settings. (In particular, some processors have a default high pass filter set at 1 kHz on some channels as a safety measure for 2-way active speakers. If using these channels for subwoofers, the high pass filters must be bypassed.)

  7. Check that output cabling is connected to the correct connectors on the rear panel and to the correct inputs on downstream equipment (e.g. amplifiers).

  8. Check that downstream equipment (e.g. amplifiers) is not muted, turned down, or turned off.

Strange soundstage

If the soundstage width is very narrow, check that you have not summed left and right input channels and routed the sum to left and right speakers. This will result in a mono signal and hence a narrow soundstage.

If the soundstage is "weird", check the routing and crossover settings and make sure that left and right are consistent. If you are implementing an active speaker, double-check all connections on the rear panel.