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Front and rear panels

Input panel

miniDSP DDRC-24 input panel

  1. Analog inputs. Connect an analog source here using RCA cables. Typically, the left channel is connected to input 1 and the right channel is connected to input 2. The maximum input voltage is 2.0 Vrms.

  2. Optical digital input. Connect a digital source using a TOSLINK optical cable. Sample rates from 32 up to 216 kHz are supported.

  3. USB port for control and audio streaming. Connect to an available USB port on your computer. This port can also be connected to a network streamer with USB output for audio playback.

  4. Infrared receiver. For the remote control.

Output panel

miniDSP DDRC-24 input panel

  1. DC power. The supplied 12 VDC power supply includes a set of interchangeable power pins for USA, UK, Europe and Australia. Fit the correct pins for your country. Connect the DC plug to the 12 VDC power socket.
  2. Analog outputs. Connect equipment such as a power amplifier and subwoofer using RCA cables. Typically, output 1 is the left channel and output 2 is the right channel. The maximum output voltage is 2.0 Vrms.
  3. Warning

    Apply power to the miniDSP DDRC-24 only after all input and output connections have been made.